Clips and reels
UMG produces clips for events, sites and special projects. We visualize the idea and solve the problem that is behind the video: informing, training, storytelling or advertising.
Videos for "Cool theme"

The project was created on behalf of the President of Russia V. Putin for placement on the Russia 1 TV channel and on the VK platform. The UMG studio created 70 videos for the semi-finalists of the competition. The winner of the project is to raise the prestige of the most important profession of the future, the main prize is the author's educational show on the federal channel with the winner of the Cool Topic! in the role of leader.

Campaign "Premium. Stay confident"

Joint production with Astronis. Advertising campaign for BANK GPB (JSC) with the participation of F. Bondarchuk.

Advertising campaign for Gazprombank, 2020 - 2022

A series of videos with Fyodor Bondarchuk for Gazprombank JSC advertising campaign. Co-production with Astronis. In addition to videos for TV and digital, radio commercials were also created and key visuals were developed.

What if?...

A series of 20 videos for «Moscow 24» Channel , created on the Unreal Engine. What would the capital look like if it was located at the foot of a volcano? What kind of transport would we use if electricity hadn't been invented? How would you spend your weekends if there was a tropical heat all year round? You can watch all videos here.

What do citizens write

The daily digest prodeced by UMG for the "Moscow 24" channel. We compile a selection of the most frequently mentioned words per day and find out what matters Muscovites today. Data provided by Brand Analytics. Learn more about the project here.

The purpose of the videos for website is to attract the viewer to key city programs: in an entertaining manner, with the help of positive emotions, humor, originality of the idea of embodiment, non-standard presentation. The information component is neat and easy to read.

Moscow ot the Greats

A series of 20 clips for The City's project, "Moscow of the Greats" . Houses, streets, parks, embankments of Moscow, places where the greatest people lived, studied and created. In each issue the subjective camera follows their symbolic locations of modern Moscow. Roller timing - 60 seconds. The visual language is simple and fits the spirit of our times, 2D graphics, sketches and emojis.


A series of 10 clips. Why is the urban space organized this way? You can see the cognitive facts within the "You Know!" cycle on the "Moscow 24" TV channel and in its social networks.

May 9, 2020

A series of "You know!" for the "Moscow 24" channel specifically produced for the Victory Day. 15 clips are made in a unified style and dedicated to different historical facts of the Great Patriotic War.

The Gazprombank info clip

The Gazprombank info clip for broadcasting on a smart screen in a new office. The screen size is 10x2.5 meters, the resolution is 6688x1520 pixels, so the task for the designers was not easy. The video is made in corporate colors from the company's brand book using 2D and 3D graphics elements with smooth animation and transitions. The visual idea is based on the specifics of the bank's services, its geography and achievements.

LNG 2019 Shangai

The video was made for the LNG 2019 International Liquefied Natural Gas Summit in China.

A drop of liquefied gas flies through time, showing collage images of cities. It was important to focus on the fact that next time the summit will be held in St. Petersburg, but at the same time to note previous locations.

The size of the video on the wide side was more than 10K pixels, in addition, the objects in the frame should correspond to the dates indicated in the video - and these two parameters limited the search for suitable photos.