TV shows and documentaries
UMG produces documentaries, entertainment projects, informational, analytical programs for the TV channels «Russia 1», «Moscow 24», «Science», «Living Planet», «T24», «My Planet», etc.
TV shows
The fate of а man
A portrait interview about the fate of the protagonist, interesting and unknown facts of his biography, about feelings and emotions that a person experienced at the main turns of his fate.
Russia out of the access zone
Blogger Mikhail Ronkainen tests himself for strength with Russian off-road and travel extreme.
Daily weather forecast with flights over virtual Moscow.
Going Vertical
Today all over Russia there are sports clubs at Orthodox churches that are cared for by priests. They help to understand are sport and faith are close or far from each other?
International Review
The weekly informational and analytical program. World events, their causes and mechanisms - in reports and interviews with experts.
The show of Elena Stepanenko
Everyone is accustomed to seeing Elena Stepanenko only in the images of her stage characters, but only her nearest and dearest know her for real.
Рaths of great discoveries
Documentary about the history of the development of the Far East.
Documentary project about how to quit dangerous habits.
Show me Tuva. The story of one trip
The heroes of the film of the TV channel "My Planet" - a traveler, philanthropist, member of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society Frederik Paulsen and actress Agnia Ditkovskite - go to the highest point of Eastern Siberia.
Luzhkov's legacy
What kind of person was Luzhkov, and how did he spend his years after the retirement? In Evgeny Rozhkov's film, the Moscow mayor is remembered by his close people and country's leaders.
Lost in the Baltic
Many people tried to solve the mystery of missing submarine. But each time the story was cut off on the phrase: In the summer of 1943 the Sch-406 crew went on a combat mission ...
In the center of each film in the cycle there is an unusual exhibit stored in a regional Russian museum, and related stories and legends, secrets, historical and cultural parallels.