TV shows and documentaries
UMG produces documentaries, entertainment projects, informational, analytical programs for the TV channels «Russia 1», «Moscow 24», «Science», «Living Planet», «T24», «My Planet», etc.
TV shows
Surprise me
Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. What if a journey reconciles gender differences?
Daily weather forecast with flights over virtual Moscow.
Do it together
In order to support older people during the coronavirus pandemic. Three-minute programs - gymnastics, proper nutrition, household tips and master classes.
The show of Elena Stepanenko
Everyone is accustomed to seeing Elena Stepanenko only in the images of her stage characters, but only her nearest and dearest know her for real.
Victory Letters
Maxim Vitorgan goes on a trip to places of military glory. Together with famous guests, according to letters from their relatives, he recalls the exploits of 1941-1945.
Evgeny Rybov and Natalia Medvedeva together with Roskachestvo experts conduct tests of goods and groceries right in the studio. Viewers ask sharp questions and express their opinions.
One day in the city
One lead. One day. One city. What to see, where to live, what to move on, what to bring, how to save money - life hacks of the leading programs.
Travel reality, in which viewers realize the most incredible dreams associated with traveling around the world.
Planet for two
Travel reality, in which men commit romantic acts of a planetary scale in different parts of the world. The main condition is that the heroes must not be married.
Fearfully. Interesting
Agatha Mucenietse charts the most adrenaline and extreme entertainment in all regions of the world.
Prisoner of the Caucasus
Andrei Ponkratov is sent to a voluntary Caucasian captivity in order to truly be captivated by the Caucasus and compile a video guide.,
Cecile in Wonderland
Project about the mysterious Russian soul. Frenchwoman Cecile travels around Russia and debunking the world’s stereotypes and myths about our country.
Songs of movies
The amazing fate of the most important melodies and songs from films of our childhood.
Horizons of an atom
A scientific study on the nuclear industry of Russia: from the construction of nuclear power plants and the use of nuclear technologies in medicine and space to the development of non-nuclear projects based on Rosatom.
Business travel
How are high technologies being introduced in cities and villages, what innovations take industry, agriculture and science to a new level? And how does all this change the lives of ordinary people?
City technology
Weekly program on urban planning policy in Moscow. Dmitry Schugorev understands the problems of the metropolis and how to solve them.
Super abilities
Stories of people with superpowers that are backed up by scientific research, explanations and tests. The authors of the program test their guests and try to find out how people can become super powerful.
Secrets of anatomy
A series of popular scientific television shows by surgeon Roman Fishkin about the human body and the processes that occur in it.
Imperfect chance
Accidents are not accidental - a well-known phraseological unit. And also - a common misconception.
That is not a fact
An attempt to answer fantastic questions that go beyond understanding, based only on scientific facts. No guesses and assumptions, only facts, mathematics and physics.
The rules of life of a 100-year-old man
The authors of the program, together with Russian scientists, go on a unique round-the-world expedition to study issues of longevity.
A Year in orbit
he astronauts are reporting from the ISS and show the life of the crew at the station through the eyes of the astronauts, as it is: from putting on a spacesuit to returning to Earth.
Speaking simple about the complex. Anton Wojciechowski together with experts in an accessible form reveal to the audience the essence of phenomena and scientific discoveries.
Difficult things
A paper clip, cork, newspaper or plastic cup: the production of each such simple thing is a process that requires the knowledge and experience of thousands of people. About how small things are created, - in the author's line of documentaries of Alexei Vershinin.
Symbols of the Planet
We no longer remember those times when people did not separate themselves from nature, from those who live in it, from everything that grows, crawls, runs, jumps and flies. We have nowhere to go from our ancient knowledge of the strong, beautiful and useful patrons of nature. Konstantin Byshevot is looking for these symbols of the planet, without which it is impossible to imagine humanity, and even more so - to understand.
Extreme photographer
A documentary series about the travels of extreme photographer Olga Michi to the most inaccessible corners of our planet. Each series is the story of one or more unique frames. For their sake, Olga has to approach wild animals sometimes at arm's length.
Natural History by Alexander Khaburgaev
Does the chameleon really adjust to the color of the environment? Why zebra strips? What happens if you put a flounder on a chessboard? Natural science almost follows the school curriculum on botany and zoology, but is an additional visual material that is not taught in the lessons.
Choose a pet
Someone dreams of a funny puppy, someone - about a big talking parrot, someone is attracted by bizarre colorful inhabitants of the deep sea. The host of the program, Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin, is sure: there can be no conditions in which it would be impossible for children to care for at least some representatives of wildlife.
Many animals on our planthey will not survive without human help. The project will introduce viewers to volunteer animal rescue programs around the globe.
Made in Moscow
Together with Vladimir Raevsky, we go to a place where we would never have found ourselves: in a sausage or fake workshop, in a watch workshop, in jewelry production.
Life style
A program on how to stay healthy and what to do if you encounter an illness. Practical information about prevention and high-tech methods of treatment.
Rules and visual experiments: how important it is to follow safety rules in situations and behave during emergencies.
Remember it all
Stories of celebrities that make up the real picture of life in the Soviet Union: how they arranged life, worked and relaxed, got married and divorced, got shortages and enjoyed modest purchases.
Evidence from the past
No one can say what it was - an accidental death or murder, witnesses have long been dead. One thing is known: these events shocked contemporaries and influenced the course of history. Using clues from the past, Oleg Maslennikov-Voitov will try to unravel the most ancient secrets.
Investigative experiment
What is the main science for solving crimes? Stories of innocent people justified thanks to scientific progress and the advent of a new forensic method.
Secrets of movies
The program is dedicated to the backstage of your favorite Soviet films to the people who created these films: directors, cameramen, actors, costume designers, requisites.
Planet of cats
They are everywhere: from Spitsbergen to Antarctica. They defeated social networks without a fight. Cats! Victor Loginov went around the world to introduce the viewer to the most.
Sports Technology
Sport today is not only exhausting workouts at the limit of human capabilities. This program is about everything that remains behind the scenes of sports broadcasts.
The admiration of St. Petersburg
Art historian Alexei Lepork talks about architecture, prominent characters, mysterious incidents and urban legends of St. Petersburg.
Unrealistic swindlers
The program is about the most common scams in the city. Facilitators study existing fraud schemes and then simulate them in real life.
Geography lessons
Directly from the studio, a geography teacher and his student move to one of the amazing regions of Russia to reveal his secrets and see the wonders of his nature. Baikal, Elbrus, Yakutia, Karelia, Sakhalin, Khabarovsk - the route is far from a banal tourist walk.
Adventures of а body
What is our body capable of under extreme overload conditions? How does our brain react to a situation on the verge of life and death? What mysterious mechanisms are included in our body to help a person survive at all costs?
Make me beautiful
In the center of Moscow, three adventurous friends opened a tattoo studio. The startup has more than enough problems.
Ambulance 24
Documentary reality about the everyday life of the emergency room of one of the ambulance hospitals in Moscow.
International Review 2019
The weekly informational and analytical program of the journalist Yevgeny Primakov. World events, their causes and mechanisms - in reports and interviews with experts.
Vesti.Net Outcome 2019
Novelties of IT, Internet industry and mobile technologies. On weekdays - the main news of the day, on weekends - a weekly review.
The fate of а man
A portrait interview about the fate of the protagonist, interesting and unknown facts of his biography, about feelings and emotions that a person experienced at the main turns of his fate.
Far close
What were the idols of many generations in life? Boris Korchevnikov collects information about great people bit by bit, invite their relatives, friends and acquaintances to the studio.
Funny evening
The concert, consisting performers with musical accompaniment, an orchestra on stage and guests - pop stars. Vyacheslav Myasnikov is a guarantee of fun, and now this is the name of the artist’s new project
So close, but invisible. There is nothing you can do about them. They are real wonders of nature.
The Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroom blogger Dmitry Tikhomirov shows us the most mysterious kingdom of wildlife.
Tuva Planet
Ethnological and metaphysical travel-study of the themes of East and West, mind and spirituality, man and woman, past and future. Impressions of the journalist Sayana Mongush and the Czech photographer Stanislav Krupar from traveling in Tuva.
The last aircraft attack
The legendary single IL-2. The ability to follow the rise from the bottom of the lake the only surviving machine, an aircraft of the Great Patriotic War.
Gas. The big game
Who actually left Europe without gas in January 2009? Whose interests clashed in South Stream? Who is hindering Russian gas? The authors of the film searched for answers to these questions in Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, Germany, America, Turkey and Poland.
The story of one feat. The film is dedicated to the dramatic events taking place in orbit in 1985. Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Viktor Savinykh went into space to save the uncontrolled Salyut-7 station. A real space detective unfolded in orbit.
Bridge to the future
The construction of the Crimean bridge was watched by the whole world. It seems that nature itself was against it: stormy winds, seismic activity, erosion of soils. This bridge was dubbed the second BAM and the construction site of the century. Kuban and Crimea are connected in record time.
Lost in the Baltic
Many people tried to solve the mystery of missing submarine. But each time the story was cut off on the phrase: In the summer of 1943 the Sch-406 crew went on a combat mission ...
Hackers. Smoke screen
The American press blames Russian hackers for almost all the troubles of Americans. However, there is still no significant evidence, not a single real name has been given.
Who will pay for the weather
Is global warming a catastrophe threatening humanity or a myth promoted by the media? If so, then who benefits from scaring people? This film is an attempt to figure out what is happening on our planet.
The new element of Russian Table
150 years ago, Dmitry Mendeleev created a periodic table of chemical elements. Scientists from other countries claimed authorship of the table, but only he managed to open a periodic law to which all element are obeyed
Wanted: the owl
Animal photographer Nikolai Zinoviev is trying to realize his cherished dream: to photograph the rarest bird, the largest owl in the world - a fish owl. The expedition was a success - the eagle owl was found in the taiga, but the photographer has an even bolder idea - to capture how the fish eagle owls bring out the chicks. No one in the world did such filming!