TV shows and documentaries
UMG produces documentaries, entertainment projects, informational, analytical programs for the TV channels «Russia 1», «Moscow 24», «Science», «Living Planet», «T24», «My Planet», etc.
TV shows
Surprise me
Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. What if a journey reconciles gender differences?
One day in the city
One lead. One day. One city. What to see, where to live, what to move on, what to bring, how to save money - life hacks of the leading programs.
Travel reality, in which viewers realize the most incredible dreams associated with traveling around the world.
The fate of а man
A portrait interview about the fate of the protagonist, interesting and unknown facts of his biography, about feelings and emotions that a person experienced at the main turns of his fate.
Far close
What were the idols of many generations in life? Boris Korchevnikov collects information about great people bit by bit, invite their relatives, friends and acquaintances to the studio.
Raevsky's Moscow
Films about world famous Moscow phenomena, history and casual life.
Lost in the Baltic
Many people tried to solve the mystery of missing submarine. But each time the story was cut off on the phrase: In the summer of 1943 the Sch-406 crew went on a combat mission ...
So close, but invisible. There is nothing you can do about them. They are real wonders of nature.
The Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroom blogger Dmitry Tikhomirov shows us the most mysterious kingdom of wildlife.
Tuva Planet
Ethnological and metaphysical travel-study of the themes of East and West, mind and spirituality, man and woman, past and future. Impressions of the journalist Sayana Mongush and the Czech photographer Stanislav Krupar from traveling in Tuva.
The last aircraft attack
The legendary single IL-2. The ability to follow the rise from the bottom of the lake the only surviving machine, an aircraft of the Great Patriotic War.
Gas. The big game
Who actually left Europe without gas in January 2009? Whose interests clashed in South Stream? Who is hindering Russian gas? The authors of the film searched for answers to these questions in Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, Germany, America, Turkey and Poland.