We create visual images of television channels, focusing on aesthetics and common sense. We design and redesign tv channels from scratch, and work on a complete image: from logos and brand books down to every single detail


We provide round-the-clock graphic support for TV channels, daily responding to on-air tasks: quickly, beautifully, informatively. We use existing solutions for designers and create our own software based on real-time engines.


Data is better perceived if it is well structured. Infographics are necessary when there is a lot of information and you need to simplify it.


A tool for news programs, weather and sports topics, special events, such as elections or sporting events. Thanks to AR-technologies, it is possible to recreate the reconstruction of events directly in the studio or to use a virtual character on the air, to supplement any shooting with visual information.


Motion graphics is a visual design that animates a static image. Animated graphics takes visual effects, graphic design, and various animation methods, so the viewer will better absorb information. Using motion graphics, you can visualize both data and images.


3D-graphics creates dynamic images by modeling volumetric objects in three-dimensional space. Often used in the design of programs, creating screensavers or promotional videos.


Two-dimensional graphics looks simple and effective, it is often used for character animation in entertainment programs or when creating infographics.