Show me Tuva. The story of one trip

The Republic of Tuva is a unique place where massive rocks and endless steppes, mountain rivers, rugged taiga and semi-deserts come into contact.

“We have turned out not just an informative and beautiful documentary about the Tuvan land ... This is a story of a very personal emotional immersion, when sometimes words are not needed at all. It is enough to see and feel. Beauty and depth are in everything. In every blade of grass, in every cloud, in every person. The idea of our film is that you need to travel around Russia not only to discover our amazing country, but also to discover something in yourself ... ”- Roman Lobashov, creative producer of the My Planet TV channel.


Tuvans believe that at the top of Mongun-Taiga, at an altitude of almost 4 thousand meters, there is a spirit that protects the entire Tuvan land. Strangers are not allowed there, and even more so, it is impossible to land in a sacred place by helicopter. Therefore, the path of Frederick and Agnia will begin 700 kilometers from the goal. Throughout a long journey, the heroes will have to live in a camp of nomadic shepherds, visit the Valley of the Kings, where archaeologists discovered the ancient burials of Scythian leaders several decades ago, and prove to the spirits that they are not strangers on this land and deserve the sacred mountain to open its peak to them.


“Everyone thought it would be difficult for me, unusual, but in the end it turned out to be the opposite - it’s easier for me there than in the city. If a person loves such a wild, in a good sense of the word, life, he always knows what to be prepared for: for the fact that you will not have hot water throughout your entire journey, for a flurry of emotions, for meeting people of a completely different charter ... These are pure emotions, ”- Agnia Ditkovskite.

With “Show me Tuva. The story of one journey ”viewers will learn what the Tuvans and Scythians, legendary nomads who galloped past the foot of Morgun-Taiga thousands of years ago, have in common, what a significant impact they had on the fate of the peoples of Europe, and how the mountain range became one of the main landmarks for Russian Old Believers, centuries who fled back to Tuva from Central Russia from religious persecution.