“The fate of man” with Boris Korchevnikov

The show of UMG production, which became the laureate of the TEFI award in the nomination "The best daily talk show" (2019).

The fate of each person is unique. Is it possible to change your fate or is it predetermined? Boris Korchevnikov offers the viewer unique portrait interviews with the characters of the program. Boris Korchevnikov knows how to talk to any guest.

The characters of “The Fate of a Man” are not only famous artists and politicians, but also ordinary people in difficult circumstances. Each guest, one on one with the host, frankly and sincerely discusses the most intimate issues, the most forbidden topics.

Why was a decision made one day that turned life over? What facts of the biography were still hidden from the public, what emotions had to endure at the main twists of fate - in this studio they do not hide anything. There are no forbidden topics, and any piquant facts get first-hand comments.