UMG is a two-time finalist of the Media Brand 2023 competition

On November 1, 2023, the Awards Ceremony of the Eleventh MediaBrand Competition took place in Moscow. This year, 982 works were presented in the competition in 53 categories.

The finals of the competition included two works produced by the UMG studio.

Best promotional video for an educational program, Bronze: promotional video for the documentary series “The Secret on the Map” for the TV channel “My Planet”.

The promotional video reflects the main format message of the documentary project “The Secret on the Map,” where Vadim Norshtein explores the most mysterious places on the planet and conducts real detective investigations in order to unravel mysteries that are thousands of years old.

Best project design in digital environment, Bronze: “Cool Theme” project on VK.

A series of videos for the All-Russian teacher competition "Cool Topic!" on the VK platform. Teachers from all over Russia sent applications to take part in the “non-boring lessons” competition.