We create solutions for convenient production of graphics: so that designers, editors and cartographers can focus on creative processes instead of routine.
Cloud Render

Cloud render is made for creating graphics without designer skills and special software. You just need to fill out the form in a browser and send your task to the Cloud render.

A link to the result will appear in the personal account. The system is great for templates with regularly updated images and data.


Real-time graphics based on Vizrt systems is a large area in which the UMG development department is engaged. We visualize geodata, weather and traffic data, economic indicators, any statistics and information for news and analytical programs.

Vizrt graphics which is presented on air of television channels can be divided into three layers.

The first layer of graphics is the interface. It is overlaid on top of the main video and consists of captions, newsbars, augmented reality and widgets.

The second layer is full-frame graphics. It is used for announcements, spiers and infographics and occupies the entire screen. Using the development of UMG, editors and directors quickly change the content of the broadcast, without resorting to editing and recounting the video.

And the third layer, the farthest from the viewer, is the video wall, which helps to maintain the material of the host graphics and is dedicated to be the part of the design of the studio.


Quick visualization of 3D infographics with geo-referencing is a task for the operational graphics department and the cartography department.

Overmap was created by the UMG developers in order to prepare unique maps quickly for the air. The program is implemented on the basis of the Unity engine, and literally in minutes animates three-dimensional videos based on geodata.